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g60pops 20-10-2005 09:33

Digifiz users
Anyone fitted a Digifiz to their golf? If so what parts are needed?
Also are there 2 types of wiring loom, one for early cars and one for later ones?


Housey 20-10-2005 11:04

well.. first of all. you need the wiring loom for the digifiz.. and then you need sensors, like speedsensor etc.. and digifiz is expensive.. and they are known to fail. and stop working properly.. :D

g60pops 20-10-2005 12:41

do you know if there are 2 type of wiring loom, one for pre 1989 cars and one for post 1989 cars?

berendd 20-10-2005 15:24

there are two types..

this man is an expert on digifizz and wiring:


unfortunately the site is dutch, but there is an email button.

g60pops 20-10-2005 21:29

thanks, i have emailed him

vwjopie 21-10-2005 06:40

im having a digifiz also in my MK1 only i've placed the motor, and the all the wires from the same car in mine...

be sure that you have the controle panel for the clock it's important when you want to reset your clock...
it's in the place where the parking brake light is in your dash...

mouragio 21-10-2005 09:05

if you haven't got the control panel`for the clock it isnt that much of a deal... you can als use the wires as control... when you put the wires from the clock to a - (minus) the hours/minites will change...

ok; it isn't the most handsome solution, but it works.

g60pops 21-10-2005 09:56

i already have the control panel for the clock. I only need the wiring because i have the digifiz wiring with central electric (the old type) and i need the new type because my car is a 1991 golf g60.

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