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Hi guys ... i have an update but forgot to post it ... As i decided to get back at this build there were some parts sold some new so needed to decide in which way the build was going to be going. I sold mi southbend clutch and my CDL engine but now got another one and it was a complete with K04 turbo and I was thinking of keeping it with a stock turbo 😇 but at the end decided to go big again. Other thing I will change is the gearbox. I'm probably going with the DSG DQ250, and that would be all :happy2:

First thing I wanted to do is figure out the fueling system so I started with moving the fuel cell to the back of the car because in my country I have to have rear seats to be able to register the car and it's would be easier to fill up

So started with making a bracket that would hold in place the fuel cell

And this is the final product..

I haven't finished the lines and other stuff that are needed for the fueling because I need some parts that I will be ordering but for now I'm continuing my work with what I have ...

So out with the K04 and in with the manifold and the big one ...

Did some pipe work earlier but I did it From An F70 tubing and I thought it was a bit overrated so did one from an f63 tubing ...

Also started on the intake

changed the S3 injectors for the RS4 ones

One of my biggest concerns was the rear drive axle because if I cut and weld it to size there is no one in my country that could balance it so I tried combining and found a solution. Front pice from an MK5 R32 and the back longer one from an MK1 Audi TT

That's all for now but will keep you posted
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