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Hi guys
This project has had a step back in the past 3 years but that is about to change
I sold some of the things that I had for my Rallye and used some of the stuff for my other project Audi S3 but here we go again!!!
The engine was sold but now I bought another one with a stock ko4 turbo so that will be my starting point. The plan is to get the car driving and I guess stage 2+ for starters and then I will see what comes next rinking:
I have started gathering parts and something that fills my heart the most are the new wheels from Compomotive !!!

In the mean time I sold the engine that I had for this project so to continue I had to get another engine .The new engine that I bought was from a wrecked car so I didn't noticed that one of the screw points where the engine holder mounts is broken. So I had to try and fix it somehow
Found this :

found it here :wave:

And bought a HPFP and the balance shaft delete kit from VISmotorsport and some Stilen piping for the engine to breathe from USPmotorsport

A couple of days ago finally the intake arrived ( after 4 months of waiting and being lied by the manufacturer

and got back to work :P Got out the balance shaft assembly and installed the parts that I got from VIS Motorsport

and got the pipes that I need for the intake and the parts for the fuel system

and the engine is in

new engine mounts

and how it is now ..

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