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Well there is some progress

the engine holders have been redone

now the engine is 4sm to the back and 4 sm up towards the hood
advantages of the modification of the holders:

- more space in the front at the radiators

- the shifting cables were a bit short but know all OK

- the drive shaft looks perfectly positioned

- the oil pan is not lower than the front axle and the gearbox is not that close to the axle as it was

and everything in filler and waiting to be painted

made the hood shocks from a passat (but they are a bit short so I will be getting ones from an Audi A5)

it seams they will not get in the way

then everything painted and assembled

than messed a little with the electrics

bought some elbows and pipes f70X1.5mm

BSH catch can

Forge blow off


and today I did this:

more to come
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