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Default The Rallye Golf Registry

The Rallye Golf
The Volkswagen Rallye Golf is based on the MKII Golf chassis and was developed to comply with the FIA standards in order to compete in the FIA WRC Championship. These standards demanded that a car which was to race in the WRC had a production volume of at least 5000. The Volkswagen Rallye Golf was built between 1988 and 1990 with a total of 5071 cars.

- Alloy rims, the VW Sebring or BBS RM, 15"x6j with 205-50-15 tyres
- Frontspoiler
- Grille in the same color as the car
- Bumpers in the same color as the car
- Air-intakes in the frontspoiler in order to cool the brakes
- Widened wheelarches front & rear
- Integrated sideskirts
- Green tinted glass
- Spoiler on the tailgate in the same color as the car
- DE Headlights
- Foglights
- Roofmounted antenna
- Sliding Roof

- "Sportkaro" Recaro interior, with black leather on the sides. Seats and back with grey fabric with a red stripe. "Rallye" logo embroidered in the front-seats. Front seats are height-adjustable
- Foldable backseats 1/3 - 2/3
- Doorcards in black leather
- Leather shifterknob and cover
- Leather handbrakecover
- 4 spoke leather steeringwheel
- Centre Console
- Passenger-visor with make-up mirror and illumination

- Permanent 4 wheel drive
- Power steering
- Sport-suspension
- Radio preparation with 4 speakers
- Two-tone horn
- Bi-catalytic converter
- 5 speed Gearbox

- Electrical mirrors
- Electrical height adjustment of the front seats
- Electrical windows
- Central Locking

- Schwarz (L041) [Black]
- Graphit Metallic (LB7V) [Dark-grey]
- GrĂ¼n Perleffekt (LC6V) [Green]
- Blau Perleffekt (LC5Z) [Blue]
- Tornadorot (LY3D) [Red]

The Rallye is equipped with a 1H engine with a G60 G-Lader. This engine is a spin-off of the GTI-G60 PG Engine. There's one obvious point in which these two differ: the displacement. The 1H engine has a displacement of 1763cc which is a 18cc less then the PG engine with a 1781cc displacement. Reason for the smaller displacement can be found in the FIA regulations. Both of these engine develop 160 BHP and 225 Nm of Torque.

The Rallye only competed in the Group A WRC Championship during the 1990 Season. Due to a change in regulations, the other competitors where massively competing with a 2 litre 16v Turbo engine, which meant that the 1.8 8v G60 was overpowered by it's rivals. The season ended in a disappointing 17th place, also due to mechanical failures. In the 1991 Season, Erwin Weber competed in Germany's National Championship. This season proved to be a succesful year with a Drivers Championship for Erwin. Sadly VW decided to pull out at the end of that season. This meant that the car headed for the Netherlands...

Video of Erwin Weber in action. (YouTube)

German's National Championship 1991. (YouTube)

Again the Rallye in action. (YouTube)

In 1992 Dutch rally-driver Hans Weijs bought the car from VW Motorsport and competed in the Dutch Sprint Championship. In 1994 and 1995 Hans won the Dutch Championship and sold the car at the end of the 1995 season to a rally-driver in Denmark.

Hans Weijs driving the Rallye (YouTube)
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