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Originally Posted by overload

i bought some body panels from there, also has some spare parts for 32b 2door

I happen to know the guy who sells Passat body parts on I picked up some used body parts from him, he has a big collection but not everything is in good shape - buying used parts from him without checking the parts is quite a risk. Concerning the new parts, it seems as if he does not always keep his promises concerning lead times.

Body parts from Klokkerholm, HS (Schliekmann - the german Klokkerholm representative who used to manufacture body parts) and Van Wezel are available through local shops, too, and they can get up-to-date information about availability. There are quite a few websites listing many body parts but they are not always up to date. In general, there is less and less available, the manufactures do not seem to make new stamping tools when the old ones are worn out and simply discontinue the parts.

There are very few body parts still available from the VW classic parts center:

Usually it is not worth buying a car for cannibalizing body parts. Most of them suffer from rust in the same places, and pieces which are rusty on your car will be in similar condition on most other items.
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