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Default Front Suspension Problems

dustrat ยป Tue Sep 16, 2014 9:02 pm

This problem with front suspension has been driving me up the wall. Since fitting Bugpack poly bushes the suspension goes down and dos'nt come back up. I've had the torsion arms in and out quite a few times and still the same problems. As I got the bushes from VW Heritage in UK I got in touch with them and they sugested a few things and sent me a replacement set just incase the bushes were faulty.No joy just the same. Just in case the grease nipples were causing problems I removed them. I decided to get in touch with Bugpack in states but they said that that they had never had any problems. Those of you who know me will know that have'nt got much hair ,well I have even less now. I was beginning to think that I was putting bushes in wrong. I decided to go on some of the forums to see if any one else has had problems.When I got onto samba I found a lot of people had had the same problems dating back to 2007,but Bugpack said they had never had problems. It seems that the bushes fit OK on to torsion arms but as soon as the bushes are pressed into beam they become tight internally and the only way to cure this is ream them out. I got back onto Bugback and again they denied that they had ever had a complaint.With in an hour of talking to Bugpack I got a PM from Just Paul ,a member of Flat4Dubs ,about a member of Baja club forum dated Sunday 16th Sept who was having the same problems as my self. I will be getting back onto Heritage tomorrow to see about a full refund for these bushes and hopefully a good discount on OE bearings and bushes as I have wasted a lot of time fitting parts not fit for purpose. I'll get back and let you all know outcome.
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