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2fast4you 25-12-2009 13:01

Golf Rallye 2.5 tfsi 4 motion
I own a Golf Rallye and I'm starting a engine swap. I have my eyes on an 2.5 tfsi engine from an Audi TT RS witch I haven't found yet but I will.

how it looked:

and now:

Tjaap 25-12-2009 13:07

welcome, plans sound good. And that's a nice big workshop

2fast4you 25-12-2009 23:17

Old project
Originally Posted by Tjaap
welcome, plans sound good. And that's a nice big workshop

Please see my old project:

knedel16vweber 26-12-2009 10:34

when this rallye works so wel as the audi than it WILL be good!

De Pul 26-12-2009 10:40


maniacmark 26-12-2009 10:48

both projects were or are worth looking at. Keep us posted!

2fast4you 01-01-2010 14:16

Because my Rallye had a bit of rust on the front wing I had to find a new one

and I bought spare front and back fender

Haldex gen.2

ABS and the pump from a Golf 5 R32

Another spare pair of headlights

Dashboard from an Audi A3(leftover from the previous project :rolleyes: )

Prop shafts:

one from Audi TT and another from a Golf 5 R32

2fast4you 10-01-2010 23:48

And some more parts have just arrived

Recaro seats with Sparco slide runners

tail lights

and the steering wheel


breadfan83 14-01-2010 12:28

Plans sound good so far! :thumbup:

DerEisbaer 14-01-2010 12:30

Whoa, sweet stuff, put it together in the right way *haha*!

Cool project - pls keep us up2date!

2fast4you 29-01-2010 10:36

This is what I have been doing last days

Nothing special. I am removing the paint because I'm looking for rust and I will be repainting the body in tornado red, so it will be perfect :drill:

monark 29-01-2010 11:06

keep up the good work,nice project jou have en the collor red thats nice.
i have olso a red red rallye it is the nicest color for ar rallye i think :thumbup:

Tjaap 30-01-2010 00:00

so how's the state of the body? worse or better then expected?

2fast4you 30-01-2010 09:42

Originally Posted by Tjaap
so how's the state of the body? worse or better then expected?

So far it's OK. I found some rust but nothing extreme, and I was expecting that because this car has not been driven for years.

Tjaap 30-01-2010 17:18

nice.. right on schedule then

LuukGTI 30-01-2010 17:36

Looks pretty good with the new stuf you've bought. :thumbup: An audi tt rs block should give a sweet toutch at this car:O
Good luck, and keep the pics comming!:D

2fast4you 01-02-2010 20:23

What do you think about these wheels?

MAK 18x8 Black

:jacks: :jacks: :jacks: :jacks: :jacks:

monark 01-02-2010 20:44

ooooohhh nice weels man :thumbup:

malytm 06-02-2010 14:29

no good going ladies
all packed into mkII vr6 some 1,8 t, r32 and here something completely different
I would gladly have embraced those headlights 2kpl:]

2fast4you 21-02-2010 22:55

I have stopped removing the paint because when I'm done with everything I will take the body shell to sanding and let the professionals do their job.This is what I am doing right now.

Heater from a Golf mk5


haldex gen.2

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