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B Clark 24-05-2005 19:20

VW Engine Codes
Can anyone ponit me to an upto date website with the engine codes and power outputs, in particular for the VW LT 35. Codes I really need to know hp for are ANJ, AHD, and AVR


Gilex 24-05-2005 20:16

ANJ, 80KW 109HP 2.5l TDI in production since 05-1999
AHD, 75KW 102HP 2.5l TDI production period 05-1996 - 05-1999
AVR, 80KW 109HP 2.5l TDI in production since 05-1999

That what I have, not online but with thanks to Uncle Edgar :p

PerL 24-05-2005 20:50

Here's a list online, it's not complete but quite a few engiens are included.


B Clark 25-05-2005 10:02

PerL Many thanks, I alredy came across that website but it was missing two of the codes I was looking for.

Gilex Cheers for the info! Much appreciated.

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