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IRISHDUBNUT!! 08-08-2022 13:12

Question about Golf 4 variants for Dutch VW fans :)
Hi everyone!!

I wonder if some fabulous Dutch VW enthusiasts might be able to help me :)

In Ireland we only had a commercial version of the Golf 4 3 door hatchback, but I’ve recently learned that a commercial version of the Golf 4 variant with a high roof was also built, like this one.

From what I can see these were mostly available in the Netherlands, and any of the few ones I have found online have been on sale there, and a few in Austria too. Does anyone know anything about them? Are there many of them left around? And in particular do you know if they are registered as proper N1 commercials? It’s the difference between a few hundred euro and thousands of euro to register one, so I need a proper commercial variant :)

Anything at all you might know would be very welcome! Thanks everyone :)

Rick 08-08-2022 15:31

Some "vans" here got those weird add-ons to fit, what we call: "fiscaal blok (fiscal block)", that is an imaginary block that must meet certain requirements.

It means the car need to accept a load with this size:
L x H x B
125 x 98 x 20 cm
So you can fit a Europallet in it.

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