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rawrods 01-01-2010 04:28

engine sound.
Can anyone help with this engine sound. I cant tell if its the fan shroud or if its in the engine its self. Runs great but when you shut it down it sounds like metal hitting. Ive checked and checked and cant put my finger on it. It didnt start making the sound untill yesterday. Ive checked the valves and there fine. Anyone think they know what this might be. Here the video link.


rawrods 01-01-2010 23:07

nobody???? Ok maybe this will help. I drove the car today and it seems to not have the power it did. So I put it in the shop and pulled each plug wire at a time as it was running. when I got to plug #3 it didnt change the way the car run at all. So you would think #3 was not firing but when you pull the plug and ground it outside of the engine bay it fires??? O yea and the plugs are new. Thats the side that seems to be making the nosie too. Anyone? Anything?????

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