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mr.Jenssen 10-04-2005 19:16

Calling all with knowledge of DIGIFIZ
I just swapped in a 16v from an Edition One, and got the complete wiring harness and a digifiz with it. Thing is, I had the digifiz up and running, but all of a sudden the digits went away! The backlighting and warning lights all work, it's just the speedo, clock, tankgauge and odometer that's dead.
Does this mean I've fried it, or is there some way to fix it? Please help!

Here's my car:

Tjaap 10-04-2005 23:12

sorry, no answer, but... nice car

PerL 10-04-2005 23:54

Sounds like a connector on the rear side has come loose.

mr.Jenssen 11-04-2005 06:15

I'm afraid that's not it, I've checked everything there...

johangolf1 11-04-2005 06:37

i have got a digifiz dash too...
and i replaced it with a spare one i had in store...
but when i placed the spare one and turning on the ignition it siad insp. (inspection)
and i only have the lower spec everthing above that does not work :s
the original digifiz is in belgium for reseting i hope when i place that one back everything works again...
i hope someone knows this problem then i also can make mine spare digifiz...

btw nice car and i like the wheels...

mr.Jenssen 11-04-2005 16:21

Well, I spoke to the local VAG-dealer here, and they figured that it was dead and gone. But I can't figure out why! There has to be something funny somewhere. I've been so trouble-ridden with this 16v-swap, everything goes pear-shaped. First off I fried the starter for some reason I don't know, then it took me 4 days to get the fuel-pumps running, and now the digifiz. I wish someone had real deep knowledge into it.

Housey 12-04-2005 07:18

well, since digifiz isn't all that common, you will have a hard time finding someone who really knows how it works!..

anyhow.. have you checked the instrument? are there any burned capasitors?

and are you sure that all the wiring are correct? and the fuse is new?

mr.Jenssen 13-04-2005 13:28

Well, everything worked until I changed the relay for the fuel pumps and used the wrong one.
i've had the digifiz apart but could not find anything burned, but there are quite a few microchips in it, so I guess maybe some of them are fried.
Got hold of another digifiz yesterday, so hopefully it will be alright!

Housey 13-04-2005 14:04

digifiz er sykt dyrt!

g60pops 20-10-2005 09:36

did you manage to get it working?

Housey 20-10-2005 11:07

i think he did.. after a few new displays..

pikzibner 25-10-2005 09:01

Nice car man

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