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g60pops 09-09-2006 14:33

A few pics of my Ed 1 g60

steven16v 09-09-2006 14:45

Very nice car! More pics please. :)

maniacmark 09-09-2006 14:56

Originally Posted by steven16v
Very nice car! More pics please. :)

coudn't agree more

Erwin G60 09-09-2006 15:13

Nice g60:D

corrado-usa 09-09-2006 15:15

Very nice car !!!

g60pops 09-09-2006 21:09

Thanks for the compliments.
Some more pics

Matheo 10-09-2006 12:26

cool car! really nice.

RubenD 10-09-2006 12:42

I suppose it is an imported car, since it is a left hand drive?

Looks really nice!

g60pops 10-09-2006 18:03

yes imported from Germany, as edition 1s only came in left hand drive as you know.

PerL 10-09-2006 21:54

Very nice, is it real, only 41.xxx kilometers? I think it looks a bit strange with the Nothelle grill. Better than the Hella though!

Oh, and you need to get some petrol! :D

g60pops 11-09-2006 12:47

The true kilometre reading is roughly 190,000.
The Hella grille was sold a long time ago.
And the other grille is a Zender one that cost me 1 Euro (brand new in the box) off german ebay.

Tjaap 21-03-2008 00:28

i liked the Nothelle... and the Engelmann mirror too.. oldschool

g60pops 21-03-2008 06:26

The Engelmanns were sold and the standard mirrors are back on now.

Edition-Blue 21-03-2008 07:58

Welcome !
Nice carr !

corrado-usa 22-03-2008 23:22


phaeton 23-03-2008 02:11

WOW that digital tachometer is wicked :thumbup:

g60pops 31-12-2008 15:43

changed the interior, soon to be retrimmed.

and how it currently looks:

Tjaap 01-01-2009 16:05

re-trim?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, just find some nice matching doorcards

g60pops 02-01-2009 08:58

next to impossible to find the old style Recaro fabric

Tjaap 02-01-2009 09:04

sure, but they look to be in great shape.. some nice black doorcards would work so well with that

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