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Boekel 10-01-2021 19:33

Super Beetle 1303 72/73 Electricity issue.
Haay everyone!

I'm Boekel and I'm looking for some help. I recently bought my first car, of course... a beetle! I have become a proud owner. The beetle is build in 1972 but its model year is 1973. However, the motor is from 1974.

The issue
But, I have the following issue. Fuse 2 keeps blowing. The devices that are connected to fuse 2 are for what I know, my low beam (headlights). My right taillight and the license plate light. The issue started during the fixing of the speedometer cable.

My attempts
I tried was cleaning the electricity plugs. I also tried to disconnect all the lamps and after disconnecting and reconnecting every lamp, none of the lamps blew the fuse (2) again. Another thing When I drove a few miles, the fuse blows again. What to do? I can't find any correct electricity diagram for my beetle and I'm also a starter mechanic.

Good to know
Two other electronic issues I have are that my interior light is disconnected and, my rear window defogger is broken. (Although I measured it through and there was electricity flowing).

I'm very curious about your suggestions.
Looking forward to them.

Yours sincerely,

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