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vw1303s 09-07-2013 19:16

Subaru powered tube frame 1303
Hey guys. Thought I would share my little project I just got running.

It's a subaru ej20 turbo powered 1303. Just need to put the beetle body on top. :)

Mk1-Addict 09-07-2013 19:35

holy moly, that looks epic dude!

feffe 10-07-2013 13:49

damn that's awesome!
pics of the body?

Christiaan 10-07-2013 14:09

Nice! More info?

(And welcome to VF!)

Tjaap 10-07-2013 15:17

Now that's a first post!!!!!

vw1303s 10-07-2013 17:19

Here are a few pictures of the car with the body on.

Tjaap 10-07-2013 17:46

That rainbow pic is epic! Is it real or PS?

Ruud 10-07-2013 19:30

nice :thumbup:

ronaroot 11-07-2013 09:02

Wow :eek:

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