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cupracraig 02-11-2017 13:31

Mk2 Golf 8v into 20v, England
Hi, i thought i'd better sign up as i've been looking at this forum for a while and the facebook page and thought i'd share my journey on my MK2.

well i picked up a 1991 8v back 2 years ago.

I drove it about for some time and then decided on some maintenance and a change to 20v. i've skipped a lot but here's some of the journey.

The front drivers side wishbone joint was looking a bit sorry for itself :o

so ive added on some S2 twin pots

changed the charge pipe setup for that of a k04

new genuine mounts:

got it all in the car

a couple of nights of work and its back like this:

just loosly put in the new subframe while i clean up the engine bay and the old power steering rack

the new daily :violin:

also ordered a new trackslag exhaust , the slanty tip one to look OEM.

its no longer my daily driver but also not a show car

this was from 2017 Volksfest

Cooling sorted, plumbed, bled..ready to drive! now for some dry weather

painted my intercooler pipes and fitted a new larger radiator. Just waiting on the fan bracket so that i can add the fan and fill it up with coolant again.

Cooling sorted, plumbed, bled..ready to drive! now for some dry weather

Currently awaiting some parts so that i can refurbish the rear axle, brakes and anything else on the rear. also splitting the BBS and going wider with those.

for looking

Tommy 02-11-2017 13:38

Nicely done and great color! :thumbup:

cupracraig 02-11-2017 17:05

Originally Posted by Tommy
Nicely done and great color! :thumbup:

thanks :) it was a steep learning curve as i've never worked on cars before

Tjaap 05-11-2017 20:02

Great car!

cupracraig 06-11-2017 09:30

Originally Posted by Tjaap
Great car!

thanks, its getting there slowly :)

cupracraig 07-02-2018 11:26

been a bit of a while since i last updated

i replaced the fuel tank straps with new stainless ones :

20171022_144829 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

20171022_144839 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

the mounting points were very clean

20171022_142710 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

had the original RA wheels refurbished and new tyres all over

20171030_213752 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

drove it a few times before the weather got bad

20171103_113817 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

Built a false floor for a bit more sound

IMG_20180122_200616_046 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

Decided to move away from the tapered bearing setup and go for a 6N2 GTI rear setup

20180115_112944 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

then got excited and decided to just refurbish the whole rear axle

Got a snapped bolt :(

19905182_10156238860064258_4425863930378189923_n by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

cut out the old bushes and housings

20180203_223730 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

20180204_140736 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

Old bush vs new

IMG_20180122_200839_578 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

Refurbished the mk2 rear calipers, adding stainless nipples with new covers and painted in Dark Anthracite which i will paint the fronts in too

20180206_182456 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

20180206_182202 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

Mad_Uwe 07-03-2018 00:42

Very nice car!

cupracraig 07-03-2018 12:29

bit of an update:

more brake parts updated:

20180211_091136 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

IMG_20180217_161318_976 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

Rear beam got blasted and primed:

IMG_20180216_194958_917 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

Found a little issue:

IMG_3504 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

Raptor painted my rear axle

20180224_224417 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

20180224_224417 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

20180224_194436 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

Stripped the Eibach ARB and did that too

20180304_200032 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

20180226_221319 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

20180306_204840 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

I forgot to fit the ARB, so need to do that tonight and then i can get the alignment on the rear set and bolt it all up tight again befroe fitting the brake lines etc

R-oy 07-03-2018 22:01

Calipers looking clean. :thumbup: what type of paint have you used? Spray/Brush on?

cupracraig 08-03-2018 09:58

Originally Posted by R-oy
Calipers looking clean. :thumbup: what type of paint have you used? Spray/Brush on?

its a high temperature spray on paint, i perhaps should have laquered them but i have not, so lets home i dont have to paint them again soon

cupracraig 09-04-2018 08:43

Back on the road :)



R-oy 09-04-2018 09:53

Tempting to build one myself :cool:

cupracraig 16-04-2018 13:16

Originally Posted by R-oy
Tempting to build one myself :cool:

very worth while, great fun aslong as you dont start aiming for big bhp..keep it simple, keep it realistic and enjoy :)

R-oy 17-04-2018 21:23

If the weight stays around a tonne any hp up to 200 feels very nimble I'd reckon.

cupracraig 23-04-2018 08:44

the Trackslag exhaust hass been so good to listen to lately, echos so nicely up through the gorge

IMG_20180420_224532_960 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

IMG_20180418_193038_618 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

cupracraig 20-06-2018 16:24

the cars back how i want it, i rebuilt the RS' with wider lips and picked up some narrower adapters.

IMG_3571 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

IMG_20180617_171944_919 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

IMG_20180519_215756_524 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

upgraded from mk3 to G60 top mounts

20180501_190524 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

cupracraig 23-07-2018 14:28

got snapped up a local car hot spot a few weeks ago :)

jdh._snaps_BlSd5WoHQEU by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

LRR 24-07-2018 15:28

Cool ride mate !!

cupracraig 02-08-2018 17:27

Testing out the new smart phone camera and im happy with the vast improvement over the old Galaxy S5 i had for 6 years!

R-oy 02-08-2018 23:04

Very cool..! What is it like to drive? Comfortable on moterways?

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