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Default '57 Rag Bug/'04 Boxster Mashup- The Ragster

I really never saw this coming, but I'm starting a new build thread!!!

So, here's where we are at:

2004 Boxster S 85k miles purchased
Cutting out dented panels and generally cleaning stuff up and see what I have to work with.
Have made contact with a guy in Oregon who will sell me a '57 Oval Rag body and some later doors that I'll be fileting within an inch of it's life. Take heart that this body has already been stitched together at some point, so I'm not cutting up a complete car.

Here's some of the damage:

Some motivational reference:

The one with the red decklid is the one I've got my eye on, I'll be replacing all sheetmetal with fiberglass from CCC.

If I could just get paid for my sleepless nights....
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