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Originally Posted by Gallagher
yes, my brakes will be similar to this. the 2f legs and the mk1 legs are the same i think. the only thing I need is the carrier you have on theese legs. drilled and grooved vented discs and greenstuff og other blocks also help a lot yes.. what did you do to your master cylinder and brake servo ? nothing ? I dont know what fits here..

No polo 1 legs are different from polo 2 and 2f legs, you need the legs with half moon shaped braking blocks and not the square ones, The discs from the square ones have a different offset and do not fit..

If you get legs with the half moon shaped blocks, you just need to replace the callipers for the vw2 ones and the rests will fit perfectly..

I don't change my master cilinder because it will make no difference because the cilinders of the callipers are the same, and my Audi already has brake servo..
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