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Originally Posted by Gallagher
hello berserker I havent don eanything with it yet, but I am going to do the same as I did on mye old skool derby. VwII 239mm vented brakes from golf 2 in front and golf 2 drumbrakes in the rear. more than enough and brakes like hell
the VW II calippers fit perfectly with the g40 calipper carrier, but you can also use carriers from a golf 1 with VWII calippers. have to work a little with them, but not much.. easy with a grinder..

VW2 calipers are also used on polo g40's and fit on later model polo's carriers+front legs...

Like I did:

Polo 2f legs with vw2 calippers with Brembo Max discs and ferodo ds2500 blocks..

Mijn project, '77 audi 50
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