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Nothing much happening with the build got some parts gathered

Greddy Profec Boost controller

the return pipe from the IC to the TB is a f63 but i decided to make an F70 one because the exit from the IC is F70, and in the future I plan on getting an F70 TB so...

Siliconhoses parts

I also ordered some parts from Samco that this firm did not produce

and finally the clutch and the 38mm wastegate are here in my hands

and I cant believe the quality difference between Samco (blue) and SiliconHoses (black)

the pipe from the turbo to the IC fixed

and the thing bothering me for so long :banghead:

no room for the wastegate but i put in a smaller brake booster (golf mk5 R32) and now there is a bit more space.

but I still had to redo the manifold:

and welded


also bought parts for the scream pipe

so we'll see what happens
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