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Battery cable sorted ..bit of G sheet cut to fit the inset and keep feed cable safe and reseal floor

Bit of hard wax sealer

Where it comes out


Next up was sort out the wiring on rear of Dash
New feed added etc

Dash fitted

My Wideband and anything else you want, it does it all

Cover time

Quiet day do going to make a few pipes up
Everything you will need, you can get brake pipe pliers but not needed
wee alloy bar with a cutout I put in it does everything I need.
Thing I don't like is copper/nickel copper pipe as its not factory looking
also copper goes off and looks crap mine will be copper/black [8D]
more pic's soon

Work out what length you need and leave a bit on so once you shape it, then trim if need be before fitting nut
Wee pipe cutter

Make sure end is flat ..wee file

Pop in

Job done

Shape pipes by hand and finish them once clipped into place

So far so good

Clipped and wee heat shield I made added

Next up was drivers front pipe which comes back across

Last to finish front was passanger side pipe

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