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Default maintaining polished rims


What is Polishing?

Polishing is actually improving the surface of the material. This material can be paint or plastic but also metal.
The material is sanded down with increasingly fine grain and finally polished with a rotating polishing disc made of cloth. This final step is continued untill all sanding scratches have disappeared and the material becomes brilliant. The main advantages over chrome plating are: easier to retouch and a more natural brilliance. A disadvantage is that polished materials require high maintenance: By regularly washing with warm water and washing-up-liquid, then rinsing with cold water and finally drying off they will maintain their beauty.


Polished parts and wheels should always be washed when they are COLD! This is to prevent residues. Clean them with UNIPOL afterwards. If residues, corrosion or scratches are present, repolish with Belgom or Alu-magic. In winter, if in your country roads are salted, you should preferrably remove polished parts.

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