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I have had two rallyes here in Finland and still have the other one. They both
were delivered from germany as used and were in bad condition. The other one was wrecked front and the other was spoiled by some tuning-guy.

I started to fix the wrecked one because its chassis was in better condition (no rust). I have already bought Vr6 24v engine, which is going to be turboed. I also have r32 gearbox and haldex diff. IŽll try to get pictures of the car soon. Cars last licence plate was in germany: HH-VR610 and VIN is:WVWZZZ1GZKB109766. Color is red(LY3D). The body is now fixed and waits for some inspiration.

The other one which was was spoiled by tuning-guy has went to parts. Engine, gearbox, recaro-interior and the other parts are in this car Fenders, bumpers and rear arches are going to friends jetta coupe. I propaply have picture of it before it was gone to parts. Cars last licence plate was in germany: AZ-A0510 and VIN was WVWZZZ1GZKB089306. Original color was red(Y3D) but was later painted purple. It had Recaro seats, which was one reason why i bought it.

One guy in finland also wrecked a rallye and the car has been melted and no longer exists. Its licence plate was in finland VPG-841 and VIN was WVWZZZ1GZKB118304. Color was blue.
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