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Default Which springs and shocks for a Syncro?

One of the front springs on my Syncro is broken, so I want to replace all 4. I was thinking of replacing the shocks at the same time, even though they seem to be working OK right now. As of today, the Golf has original springs, Monroe Gas shocks in the front and some Boge shocks in the rear.

What I am looking for are springs and shocks that have a slight bit of comfort for everyday use, but still will be able to handle a couple of track days during the summer season. Lowering the car is not a big issue for me, so height-adjustable struts are not on my shopping list.

SO, what can you guys recomend for me? I understand that there are few manufacturers that actually have stuff for the Syncro models. I guess Rallye bits will fit?

Oh, and it is very important that I get parts with a TÜV approval!!!
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