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Originally Posted by sjampoo
you did put something underneath that plate that seals off the 'spare-wheel-tyre-removed-round-thingy' didn't you?

The 'spare-wheel-cup' gives the rear (some/alot) of stiffness,. and it's attached to the rear panel, and mid-section traverse. But more important: Without any further strengthening, in case off a crash with a rear-impact (pole, car, tree) in the rear.. you won't believe how easy the rear will bend inward.

I understand, but I dont agree there will be a well made in the plate to fit the battery into.. this will attached to the rear panel andr the mid-section traverse.. but the metal used for the spare wheel cup, was a sorry excuse of metal (probably 0,75mm), whilst I am using 1,5mm steel.. hard as hell
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