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Originally Posted by OzDasher
Wow that dashboard looks to be brand new! Amazing stuff!

If you could take a closer look the dashboard would not look that good anymore. It has a few cracks, one long one on the instruments hood and smaller ones around the air outlets. I treat the surface of the dashboard regularly with a "plastic reconditioner", currently I use something from german manufacturer Sonax but I think the Armor-All stuff will work just as good. This stuff claims to protect the plastic against degradation from UV rays (which is the main reason for the cracks). It also gives a half-mat surface which obviously looks quite impressive

By the way, this stuff also does magic on black plastic exterior parts which usually are faded to a greyish tone. You have to wipe the exterior parts every few months - or at least prior to classic cars meeting or photo shootings.

Originally Posted by OzDasher

What condition are the seats in, under the covers?

It IS possible to remove the fabric of the front seats by opening some seams and I have heard that after one run in the washing machine they will look like new and will fit without wrinkles again. But washing the rear seat fabric is probably not possible, there are some strips of cardboard holding them in place and these strips will be destroyed during washing. That's why I chose the seat covers for all seats in a more or less matching color. You have to make some cutouts for the rear seat belts.
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