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Default The horror pictures...

I know it may sound a bit naggy from my side, but as a certified electrical and instrument technician i know the results of resistance in current paths;

This is from a simple tumble dryer connected via a 16A rated connection...
The dryer was only rated 10A

When the amps go up, the damage also does;

This is from a 100A rated electric motor, the motor control field had not been taken apart for years and just a little corrosion is enough to cause this...
The melting point of normal copper is above 1000 degrees Celcius

You can see here how it's done right;

A motor capable of drawing 180A continuous current being connected, with good clean copper that makes maximum use of the surface.

Beware that although the voltages in a car are low and seem safe, a fire is started in a blink of an eye and not just the old cars suffer those problems, a dutch forum member found his young Seat with a burnt out dash one morning;

The extra electric heater had commited an act of self combustion and although the 40A fuse popped out,
the car's dash burnt out....
The result was a total-loss
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