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Default New here and looking for help on a problem with my Golf Mk4

Hello all,

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Bas. I am 25, live in Holland and I am recently a proud owner of a golf MK4 1.6L 16V.

The first few days after my purchase everything went great. But today on the highway something happened that scared me a bit. When I was driving in 5th Gear all of a sudden I had no power, while my foot hasn't moved an inch on the gaspedal. It was just as if I had let go of the throttle while I didn't do anything. I pressed in the gaspedal and still no response. After a few attempts it suddenly worked again. A few hours later the same thing happened on the highway in 5th. I do not have it with any order gear and only on the highway. It seems to me that this starts when I drive in the same speed for a while, so after no accelaration or deceleration.

Does anyone knows what could be the problem?

Many thanks in advance,

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