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Visjes 04-02-2005 13:20

Looking for a caddy like the one on the picture, scale 1 on 1 :)

RHD not a problem, prefer LHD though.
Must be located 'on the continent', preferibly near/in Amsterdam.

Car must be in good/average nick, with MOT please. Dents, smell or engine trouble; No problem. Rusted floorpanels: No thanks!

I've just moved from 'the Ilse' to Amsterdam, and I'm not so great at dutch anymore (where my english ain't so good either).

berendd 08-02-2005 02:52

are you looking for a caddy with a cabin on the back or what do you mean?

www.marktplaats.nl and search for caddy....
or www.autotrader.nl

or do you mean something else?

evilnyntje 08-02-2005 04:01

Did you try to call the person that is selling a caddy here?

caddy for sale

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