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Tjaap 08-04-2010 01:06

New New Beetle??
Originally Posted by automobliemag
This article mentions a mid-engined, boxer powered third gen beetle :cool:

will probably never happen though

82dumptruck 08-04-2010 05:04

sure would be pretty dope if it did

edge 08-04-2010 14:45

looks very good

breadfan83 08-04-2010 14:58

Looks way better than the last one did, even after the facelift.

Really like the new roofline as well, looks a bit more like the old Bug's lines. Would be sweet to see it with a Porsche boxer engine, but I'm afraid that'll never happen either.

Tjaap 10-04-2010 23:03

i think the red one kinda looks like a 1303 from the Käfer cup.

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