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Tjaap 19-07-2007 21:48

ehmmm, what happened here?

quality paint though but mannn.......... :screwy:

Golf_1_gts 19-07-2007 22:01

This is horrible....

i can't even respect the work that is been done :(

evilnyntje 20-07-2007 07:03


Berserker 20-07-2007 10:27

I can respect the idea behind the paintjob, very well though over...

The rest, well TFTF hasn't done anything good for the scene :rolleyes:

PerL 20-07-2007 21:13

Bad taste is what happened there! :screwy:

vwleusden 20-07-2007 21:22

Just respray it, engine and brakes are fine.

Erik 21-07-2007 13:49

Just a japanese inspired 'tuner-car' who went a little overboard

skitzo 21-07-2007 19:13

looks like the painter thinks the other carbrands are for wankers

JERSEY_WABBIT 16-10-2011 23:03

I hate when that happens. Its a VW not a honda WTF :screwy:

Jel Golf 2 GTI 17-10-2011 13:23

if you take the time and money to spray your car like that, he could at least take the effort to take that loop out the hood, where normaly the logo is.

Sorry for my bad english :D

Pedaalemmer 17-10-2011 13:35

wahaha indeed, why not get the logo spacing out of the hood?

Emiel 15-10-2012 12:35

I love it! Japanese makes equals semen?

GerardMkIIVR6 15-10-2012 12:45

Looks like the mother of that baby has been fucked bij asian guys and the last one was a german guy that sucseeded to get her prega :D

EnVeeZee 15-10-2012 18:41

Originally Posted by GerardMkIIVR6

Facial! :ass:

This one transferred a great photoshop idea into real life.. Not my cup of tea but refreshing, shake it like a polaroid picture, you twat :D

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