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Beetlefreak 05-09-2005 23:04

As some of the posters on the dutch side of the forums might notice, we copied part of the famous "foto fuck friday" thread to the international side of the forums.

We did this for a reason and this is it:

We will start a new competition on our Facebook page.

We will post a new picture in this thread and on Facebook, and off we go...
The winner will be decided by us, but offcourse the feedback the picture gets in this topic will play a big part in it.
You can enter as many pics as you like.

The winners pic will be posted on the Volksforum facebook page.
(together with the new picture for the next competition)
We won't make this a weekly thing, as some weeks will be busier then others.

Entries can be uploaded in our album:

(the reason we copied some entries from the dutch side is to show people what this thread is about and what can be done)

danielle 30-09-2005 11:39

Foto Fuck Vrijdag!!! 30 sept - 6 okt
This weeks picture,... enjoy!!

sjampoo 30-09-2005 12:08

All A Car Needs:

Drop, Wheels, Wash:

danielle 30-09-2005 13:20

ploon 30-09-2005 13:24

volksaddiction 30-09-2005 13:41

berendd 30-09-2005 13:51

vwspijlbus 30-09-2005 14:49

Richard 30-09-2005 15:42

Matheo 30-09-2005 16:51

aartjan 30-09-2005 17:57

LuNaTiK 30-09-2005 21:38

ploon 14-10-2005 12:44

Foto fuck 14 oct
New entry!

ploon 14-10-2005 13:09

chrisjuh 14-10-2005 16:36

ploon 28-10-2005 12:02

foto fuck 28 okt
Ok. Not much interest for that one. New entry!:

ploon 28-10-2005 12:03

Frieser 28-10-2005 15:39

a.busser 27-01-2012 06:07

New entry!

erik_jetta 27-01-2012 19:27

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