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Chromosexual 26-09-2014 01:03

Image Gallery
Image gallery has been down for a few days (week or so?).

I use it all the time and I was wondering when it may be back online?

Thanks so much for doing such an amazing job mods!



sixpack 26-09-2014 05:25

Marc is working on it Paul, there was a spam issue.

Give it some time ;)

Chromosexual 26-09-2014 20:33

thanks for the update sir!

Marcski 27-09-2014 12:37

Sorry dude, we had a leak which caused the server to get on a couple of blacklists, and i had to shut it down until we can fix it

Tjaap 07-10-2014 23:32

Marc fixed it!

Chromosexual 08-10-2014 00:20

Thanks guys! Best image hosting on the planet, IMO!!!

Chromosexual 26-11-2016 18:35

quick bump as I am wondering whats up with the lack of volksforum logos on the pics? I want to push my favorite VW site on the planet guys!!! :)

Chromosexual 12-11-2018 07:14

sorry but just wondering why images are no longer viewable (linkable)
is it a bandwidth thing or ??

thanks guys.

I would be happy to donate if that's an issue.


VeeDubber 13-11-2018 13:09

Do you have an example Paul? Everything should be working fine?

Chromosexual 13-11-2018 18:48

@veedubber - any image that i submit to my volksforum account is not viewable if I post it on another forum (for example).
I moved all my pics to here because you guys are the most stable.


has all my images from "user gallery" there.... Ironically they are very much viewable here.

In terms of people storing their images here on volksforum and using volksforum for image hosting, that's probably questionable at best. I don't want to be a bandwidth hog so please let me know if that violates some terms or not...


VeeDubber 14-11-2018 08:31

Send me a PM if you come accross one in the future, but let me reassure you; Your not violating anything. Just keep doing what you do :thumbup:

Chromosexual 18-11-2018 05:12

sorry - for some reason the pics dont show up in this browser (Chrome on this particular machine) but do on other computers.


Thank you!

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