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DrLaban 26-02-2008 08:38

Type 1 -68: Old, Low & Damn Slow. Norwegian Project
Hi guys,

I wanted to share my project with you all :)
This is a short version of my ongoing project so far...

This is my second Air Ride project. I think you all remember my old project ;)

So.. whats happening now?
Well early last year I came over a very good 1968. The only rust I found was around the jackmounts. :D
But the enginebay didnt look to good :( FIRE!

After some hours work the engine looked a bit better and it worked like a charm. This season I am going to use this engine but I have planned to build a new one next winter.

This is the car BEFORE I started my air ride project.

So.. whats the plan? Primer & Chrome!

I am going for a RESTO/ROD look. The body is going to be painted with gray primer. The wheels will be painted with red primer....and all the chrome --> Smoothie hubcabs, fender trim, mouldings, bumpers etc.

Wheels? 4,5" steel in front and 8" widen steel in the rear.
Tires? 135 in front and 185/60 in the rear.

Whats happend so far?

Two boxes with "joy" from Pete :)

Bodylift in November:

Then the fun started :)

Narrowing my beam 4":


Rear mounts:

Fixing the only rust :D

Thats the short version. Now I`ll keep this thread up to date :D

DrLaban 26-02-2008 08:39

Shaving :)

Tonight I started shaving the front fenders and doors.

Finished :)

I am going to install door poppers so let`s shave some more ;)

It took some time to make the sheetmetal fit perfectly, but it turned out pretty good.

Welding finished. One door to go.

DrLaban 26-02-2008 08:41

More parts :)

This arrived from the states..

"Poppers" and remote

"Heavy duty" solenoids

DrLaban 26-02-2008 08:43

Saturday update :D

Finished sandblasting and primer today

DrLaban 26-02-2008 08:45

*Update* The wheels are back :)

I got my wheels back.. going wiiide :D
They are now 8x15"

125mm ;)

Matheo 26-02-2008 08:58

looks like that's going to be one hot ride.. the ingredients are good, so start cooking ;)
if this thing is going to get as close to ultimate coolness as your cabbie, you'll beat Boy George in my list of favorite people.

DrLaban 26-02-2008 10:13

Flipped the pan and started working on this side. It's just brown not any bad rust.. but still a job to do.

My front and rear wheels... see any difference ? ;)

DrLaban 26-02-2008 10:30

More parts arrived

Another big shippment from the states

DrLaban 26-02-2008 10:30

No rust at all :)

DrLaban 26-02-2008 10:31

Primer done :) Ready for paint

DrLaban 26-02-2008 10:32

First coate with paint

DrLaban 26-02-2008 10:33

Even more parts :D

DrLaban 26-02-2008 10:35

Started working on my transmission tonight.

This is what it looked like

After some hours with cleaning and grinding

Going to sandblast the rest

DrLaban 26-02-2008 10:36

Finished sandblasting all the parts

The wheels..

DrLaban 26-02-2008 10:38

First coate of primer

I got new ball joints so I'm going to change them after paint

Transmission and starter

DrLaban 26-02-2008 10:38

More primer :D

Ready for paint

DrLaban 26-02-2008 10:40

Forgot some parts )

Last coat with primer on the wheels (they are going to look like this..)

DrLaban 26-02-2008 10:41

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :D :D


DrLaban 26-02-2008 10:43

Tonights update

Got the last parts for converting to shirt axels

Needs some blasting and paint :)

Last coat with black paint

FINALLY!!!!!!!! :D

DrLaban 26-02-2008 10:44

NOW.. we're up to date :D

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