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sixpack 24-01-2008 23:46

maintaining polished rims

What is Polishing?

Polishing is actually improving the surface of the material. This material can be paint or plastic but also metal.
The material is sanded down with increasingly fine grain and finally polished with a rotating polishing disc made of cloth. This final step is continued untill all sanding scratches have disappeared and the material becomes brilliant. The main advantages over chrome plating are: easier to retouch and a more natural brilliance. A disadvantage is that polished materials require high maintenance: By regularly washing with warm water and washing-up-liquid, then rinsing with cold water and finally drying off they will maintain their beauty.


Polished parts and wheels should always be washed when they are COLD! This is to prevent residues. Clean them with UNIPOL afterwards. If residues, corrosion or scratches are present, repolish with Belgom or Alu-magic. In winter, if in your country roads are salted, you should preferrably remove polished parts.

PPS Design 2005 member Dub05

Chromosexual 17-05-2009 14:44

this is why i chrome most of my stuff.

polishing is the suck

chrome plate is much tougher than powdercoat.

who gets chips in their chrome? Our shop doesnt use crap plating practices... so this comes down to not being informed about how inexpensive & how truly tough chrome really is :thumbup:

Chromosexual 17-05-2009 14:48

high maintenance is for girls.............not car parts

sixpack 17-05-2009 15:59

Chrome won't bring you home ..... :D

Chromosexual 17-05-2009 20:21

now you are really reaching ;) :D

sixpack 17-05-2009 21:01

Chrome is soooo eighties :D

Polishing and highgloss forged is the shit ;)

greez peter

Chromosexual 17-05-2009 21:32

well we have different views on this - its ok :D
high polish is sex - but chrome is easier to maintain

and if its 'so 80's' that is exactly what I am looking for......... :D

(it takes a lot of effort NOT to post pics that are 1000x better than the pics u just posted).

I guess we will have to wait ;) :D


robertjan007 18-05-2009 07:21

Nice discussion... Haha, i prefer polishing. I think Chrome has a little bit of plastic look...
Sorry Chromosexual... ;)

jungli81 27-07-2009 21:56

Chrome plating beats Plastic like Kermit on Miss Piggy :)

Here is one set of my chrome plated RM's...

Chromosexual 08-09-2009 00:51


Sapeate 25-04-2018 09:14

:wow: :D :shake:

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