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Marcski 26-01-2010 15:27

iHaul - '84 Caddy / Rabbit Truck with ITB'ed ABF
figured i'd continue the topic here..

I bought this 1.6 petrol caddy back in 2007:

drove it for a couple of months, sold it to Stijn, who turbodiesel'd it but sold it in parts later on. He sold the caddy shell to Jaap in dec '08, who put it in storage. I bought it back and just picked it up last weekend:

took some fresh pics of my rocco meanwhile


TDI engine, probably do the chipping myself

ultra long ASD 02A gearbox with custom mounts, converted to cable clutch and shiftrods instead of cable
so i can run 13x6 inch Melbers

Paint cream white
Stack exhaust

Chromosexual 26-01-2010 16:11


Roy 1.6 26-01-2010 18:54

Nice rim's :)

breadfan83 26-01-2010 23:48

Ratlook rims, sweet! :D

CrankWork 28-01-2010 19:07

stack exhaust??? whyyyyyyyy? :chair:

Larsv5 28-01-2010 19:12


breadfan83 28-01-2010 22:04

Originally Posted by CrankWork
stack exhaust??? whyyyyyyyy? :chair:

Hoping he means stock, not stack...

Marcski 29-01-2010 09:48

nope, i ment stack.. what the hell, i like it, and when i get bored i can always change it back

breadfan83 29-01-2010 12:29

Oh wait, that was for the Caddy, not the Rocco.

Truckerpipes on a Caddy are cool, Jap-style stacks on a Rocco.... not so. :D

Marcski 29-01-2010 13:46


Chromosexual 29-01-2010 17:37

done yet? what else is there to do in levittown, NL anyways?

Tjaap 29-01-2010 22:50

he just bought a house yesterday and is getting married in september... i think he has stuff to do at the moment

Chromosexual 30-01-2010 04:51

excuses my ass. :D

Marcski 30-01-2010 12:47

look who's talking..

Chromosexual 30-01-2010 13:33

zing! hahahahahahaah :D

Chromosexual 30-01-2010 13:34

Marc, you getting married again? didnt you get married in the USA???

Marcski 30-01-2010 15:41

no, we got engaged :D

Chromosexual 30-01-2010 16:25

oh my bad.

congrats homey!

Tjaap 30-01-2010 16:26

i'm the best man....

or worst... ;)

Chromosexual 30-01-2010 20:50

oh my god ...... omgwtf

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