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polozist82 26-02-2009 16:26

Price for Allycat wheels
Hello, i'm from germany and my english is better than my ?netherlandish?

I found some pictures of cars with Allycat wheels in this forum, and they appeal to me. What price are they traded?

I thougt of 7 or 8x13 hole circle 4x100

Best regards Dominik

Tjaap 26-02-2009 16:36

they aren't that expensive, plus there were quite a few company's that made knock-off's and those are even cheaper.

think 100 for a "fix-her-up" set and about 350 for a very decent set

Chromosexual 17-05-2009 14:43

pics of allycats plz

Berserker 18-05-2009 11:55

Originally Posted by Chromosexual
pics of allycats plz

She sing about one:

Marcski 18-05-2009 11:59

Tjaap 18-05-2009 19:50

Originally Posted by Berserker
She sing about one:

with a little S&M.. yes she does

Chromosexual 19-05-2009 01:27

hahahah :D

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