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VeeDubber 29-10-2010 12:11

Looks like it has been in a serious accident..

hajee 02-08-2011 00:15

a very nice example for sale in the uk:

VeeDubber 02-08-2011 09:34

That's a real nice one!

cyberscott 24-12-2011 11:04

Merry Christmas everyone.

Here is a picture from last summer

VeeDubber 24-12-2011 12:23

Nice one!

artisti 22-01-2012 13:16


My property is one of the unidentified rally.
I would like to restore to its original state so help me.


Stephen Agócs



Help me from where I would be able to obtain factory components, lámpa
From where I could find out his original colour?

Tulajdonos:Agócs István
Jelenlegi licenseplate:AMJ-340
Remarkabilities: nincs

Polo1w 01-12-2012 21:20

There's one for sale here, http://www.marktplaats.nl/a/auto-s/...ageNum=1&pos=18
Looks nice.

vwcrest 24-12-2012 16:00

my rallye
Hi, i have just found this site. I will show some pictures of my rallye later when i am home on my own PC.
I have a rallye that i do not know alot about, i used to dream about having one when i was a teenager, and after owning many bmw e30 e46 and many other cars, i finally bought a rallye.
All i know is my rallye lived in switzerland for some time, in 1996 it was imported to serbia, I am canadian and i have found and bought this car in serbia.
And am bringing it home with me.

VIN Plate is :WVWZZZ1GZLB009816
Motor: 1H005326
Color: Graphite metallic grey

This is all i know about this car so far, i hope someone can help with more information if they have any, Thanks

vwcrest 24-12-2012 16:23

These are wheels i have prepared for the car, and more mods are coming

this is how the car was when i bought it

Tjaap 25-12-2012 02:58

Looks pretty straight and solid. Welcome.

vwcrest 25-12-2012 13:37

thanks for the welcome, i just seriously hope i can be pointed in tehr giht direction to get info on my car, for example, im not sure how to figure out with production number out of the 5000 or so, was mine. since the vin and motor numbers dont seem to be so obviousl to me.
Either way ill continue to post my progress here

F&IVR6 26-12-2012 12:52

did you have any Paperwork of these car? a complete VIN Number? so with these VIN Number i can arrange any infos here at VW Germany for you...

vwcrest 26-12-2012 19:03

I have all the papers, i have written the car over onto my name, so it is completely legally in my ownership, although i dont have any service manuals or records. I have checked the VIN and motor code and they are real and original.
This is all the papers say, and they do match with the vehicle numbers

VIN Plate is :WVWZZZ1GZLB009816
Motor: 1H005326

F&IVR6 27-12-2012 14:12

what kind of infos you additional need? only the color code?

F&IVR6 27-12-2012 14:14

please contact me per PM.. i could arrange some infos for you..

vwcrest 21-01-2013 15:45

sorry, i have been very busy. getting the car stripped. i am preparing to paint the whole car. fix some minor rust and dents...trying to get ready for the summer

Tjaap 21-01-2013 21:02

Cool. Please start a topic about it!

karo56 21-05-2014 20:23

rallye golf 1989
hoi ben sins 2jaar in bezit van een rallye kent lp lh 50 bijna geheel 1e lak
echt van opa geweest staat in stalling verzorgt geheel orgineel

gr wim charlier

Andy88 09-08-2015 17:56

My 89' Rallye.
Hey guys, interesting site.
I Think its an awesome idea to try and collect all the rallyes.

I need to finish the engine Work, intercooler, piping, waterlines, radiator, new fans, custom mapping and so on. Duo to 1.8 20vt swap.
Havent had the Car so long, and never driven it, so i cant wait !!! :D

VeeDubber 13-08-2015 10:28

Looking great! Where are you from?

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